Strangers With Candy (2006)

Strangers With Candy (2006)
Because of a difficult gestation period, STRANGERS WITH CANDY has endured several mooted release dates and a change of distributor, so fans of the Comedy Central TV show will doubtless be delighted to finally witness this full-length adaptation. The movie revolves around Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris), a 47-year-old former jailbird, recovering heroin addict, and ex-prostitute with a bemused, elastic face. Director Paul Dinello takes a skip back in time, essentially making this a prequel to the television show, with Jerri fresh out of jail at the start of the film and starting a new life as an over-age high school student. With Jerri's dad in a coma, she decides she has to excel in school in a desperate bid to awaken him, although Principal Blackman (Gregory Hollimon) and science teacher Mr. Noblet (Stephen Colbert) frequently throw curveballs in her path. The loose plot revolves around the hiring of a consultant, Roger Beekman (Matthew Broderick), to change the school's ailing fortunes, ultimately resulting in a Science Fair that Jerri is determined to win. But the story is merely a hook on which the cast hangs myriad jokes, with DAILY SHOW favorite Colbert and Sedaris herself deliriously extending gags from the original series. So Jerri's ability to spin a web of sexual desire over all the high school hotties remains, as do the various After School Special lampoons, such as the "lessons" Jerri learns from her behavior, which fail to teach her anything at all. Cameos come thick and fast throughout, with Allison Janney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Sarah Jessica Parker all appearing, and the overall feel perfectly replicates the original TV series. Unlikely to appeal beyond the show's hardcore fanbase, Danillo's movie is nevertheless a welcome opportunity to see Sedaris and co. in action once again.

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